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Hey, wait a minute--what happened to PC-TimeClock?

Its name was changed to Personal Timeclock, but it is the same product you know and love. However, version 4.0 is a new release so it has many new features.

Why did you change the name?

My program has been called PC-TimeClock since 1994. It turns out that a company called Timeman Systems produces a product they call PC Timeclock. The similarity of these two names has caused some confusion for customers of both companies, so I decided to change the name of my product.

Why couldn't the other guys change the name of their product?

They registered their name as a trademark on February 7, 2000, so they get to keep it. I could have tried to fight to get their trademark thrown out on the grounds that I had already been using my name for over five years at the time of their registration, but it would have been costly and time-consuming. And even if I won (which is doubtful, at best), both companies would be left with confusingly similar product names, neither of which could be registered as a trademark. Changing the name of my product is a better solution.

I already use your PC-TimeClock. Does the name change affect me in any way?

Not much. If you upgrade to Personal Timeclock 4.0 from an earlier version, be careful when you install it to specify the same folder where your previous version resides. The new programs will replace the old ones and you won't have to reenter any of your data.

Thanks for explaining that to me.

You're welcome!

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