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To download shareware or program updates:

Want to try out one of our products? Click on the link below to reach the appropriate download page. Registered users can also download program updates from these pages when they become available.

Our shareware can also be downloaded from a wide variety of other sites, but you may not get the latest version.

To download FREE utility programs:

We also offer some free utility programs that you can download.

Information on zip files:

Most of our download files are "zip" files, which have been compressed so that they'll download faster. However, before you can use a zip file, you have to "unzip" it.

The Windows Explorer in Windows XP and Vista can unzip these files. If you have an earlier version of Windows and don't have an unzipping program already, we recommend the pkzip package from PKWare, Inc. Download the shareware version and try it out.

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