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A Note about SPAM (Junk) Email

If you received a SPAM email that purportedly came from us, please accept our apologies. However:

  • The SPAM email did NOT originate from KMRConsulting.com!

For years now, spammers have used kmrconsulting.com as a forged return address in their SPAM emails. Among the reasons they do this:

  • They don't want to be bothered with notifications that their SPAM email cannot be delivered (partly because they send millions of them, or more!), so they forge someone else's return address in the emails to prevent these notifications from being sent to them.
  • They want you to believe that their SPAM came from a trusted site so you'll open it and read it. Think about it--if the From: line of the message said "Sender of Worthless Irritating SPAM", no one would read their messages.
  • Some Internet Service Providers refuse to accept email from organizations known to send SPAM, or emails with no return address, or with a return address that cannot be verified. So the spammers simply pick a legitimate email address at random and use that instead of their own.

Is the SPAM that you received one of these? Take a look at the email headers, and find the From: line.

  • If the username (the part before the "@" sign) doesn't say "ken", then the email did NOT come from us.
  • If the email did come from "ken" but is anything other than a notification of an update to a product that you previously purchased from us, then the email did NOT come from us.

The unfortunate part of this is that there is nothing we can do to stop it. So please accept our apologies that you received one of these emails, but please don't put kmrconsulting.com on your SPAM (or "blocked") list--if you should ever order one of our products in the future, we would be unable to deliver it to you!

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