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Do you need to keep track of the time you spend on your computer,
but nothing you've tried seems to work?

"You can track your time, easily and accurately!"

You know your time is your most valuable asset. What could you do with an accurate accounting of your computer time?

  • Show clients how much time you've spent on their behalf.
  • Show your boss all the tasks you do and exactly how long each one takes.
  • Plan future projects more accurately by knowing how long past projects took.
  • Identify areas where you're spending too much time.

I've been doing consulting work since 1978. When I looked for a program to help me track my time, I found that they were all more complex than they needed to be. That made them inconvenient to use, so naturally I avoided using them.

That was what convinced me to create Personal Timeclock. My primary goal was to keep it simple. Because it is simple, it is convenient and easy to use.

  • I designed Personal Timeclock to keep track of your time, and nothing else.
  • When you start a new task, two clicks of your mouse is all it takes to record your time.
  • You can group your projects by client, type of work, or by any other categories you need.
  • You can assign an hourly rate to each project and category, if you wish.
  • Personal Timeclock is easy to learn with its built-in tutorial introduction.

With Personal Timeclock, you can track your time, easily and accurately. Click the button below to download the 60-day free trial now and you'll quickly see just how easy it is.

"Of all the software I run--and I have lots--Personal Timeclock is the biggest bang for the buck. And it's so simple." Frank H.

"This software saved my job! My boss was unaware of the complexity of my job, and of the time distribution of projects. After using Personal Timeclock for the full trial period, I can prove to him with the reporting tool exactly where all my time goes. He was really impressed." Brenda P.


Personal Timeclock (formerly PC-TimeClock) is a timesheet or punch clock system that helps you keep track of the time you've spent on your computer. It can also help with client billing. It consists of three programs:

Personal Timeclock

A timeclock that records the time you spend on different projects. It is very easy to use--when you start working on a project, just click the name of that project with the mouse.

Personal Timeclock Reporter

Creates reports from the data recorded by the timeclock. Reports can summarize your time or list the details of individual sessions. You can customize the report format, and choose to report all of the data or only some of it. You can also export reports to tab-delimited text files and then import them into spreadsheets, databases, or other applications.

Security Editor

For use with several employees, the security editor lets you disable features that might let employees report their time inaccurately.

There is also extensive online help that includes a step-by-step Tutorial Introduction. Those who prefer printed manuals to online help can download and print a PDF version of the help file.

Runs on

The latest version runs on Windows 7/8/10 (and earlier versions).


A license to use Personal Timeclock on one computer forever is only US$24.95.

  • That's only 7 cents a day for the first year.
  • Use it forever with no additional charges.
  • You get free upgrades when minor revisions are released and a free upgrade to the next major revision.
  • Steep discounts apply to the second and subsequent computers; view the complete price list.
  • Shipping/Handling: FREE in North America, $3.00 elsewhere if you order a CD-ROM.
  • If you order within the first 10 days of your free trial you'll get a 10% discount!

You will be able to download Personal Timeclock immediately after you place your order.

For an additional $5, we'll send you a CD-ROM that will serve as a backup in case you ever need to reinstall Personal Timeclock. The CD has simple point-and-click installation and includes additional shareware and other software that is not included in the download.

Revision status

The current version is 4.8--read a list of the new features in this version. Registered users of 4.0 and later can download a free update by choosing Update Personal Timeclock and then Check the Internet for updates from the File menu of Personal Timeclock. But if you are upgrading from version 4.3 or earlier, read the special instructions for installing this update.

Registered users of 3.x can download a free update to 3.3, and registered users of 2.x can download a free update to 2.2 (but read about the new features in the latest version and you may wish to upgrade).

Detailed description

Personal Timeclock and Personal Timeclock Reporter are described in some detail below. For more complete descriptions of the programs and a step-by-step tutorial that shows you all the main features, download the shareware version and read the Tutorial Introduction contained in the help file.

Description of Personal Timeclock

"I wanted to let you know that I've used Personal Timeclock for years. It's a beautiful little program -- and "little" is a compliment in this context: it does exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less, no mess, no stress. Thanks!"  Rose W.

Projects and categories

Personal Timeclock helps you keep track of the time you spend on your computer. Here's an example of what it looks like:

In this example, the screen is divided into two categories, Business and Personal. But you can choose whatever categories you like, and as many as you like. Within each category are one or more projects of your choice.

Checking in and out

When you begin working on a project, just click the project name with the left mouse button. Personal Timeclock then minimizes itself to get out of your way while you work. When you're done working with that project, just click on the taskbar to restore Personal Timeclock, and click the right mouse button anywhere in the window. Or, if you're going to start working on something else right away, just left click the name of your new project. You can bring up the Personal Timeclock window at any time to see how long you've been checked in.

Can I keep notes of what specific work I'm doing?

Yes, you can enter a memo when you check in or check out. You can also enter or change the memo after you've checked in.

What if I forget to check in or out?

You've been working on something for a while and you suddenly realize that you forgot to check in! Now what? Don't worry--Personal Timeclock lets you adjust the check in and check out times to fix mistakes like this.

Better yet, can I get it to remind me to check out?

Yes. You can set Personal Timeclock to ask you every so often if you're still working on the same project. You choose how often--as much as once a minute if you really want to. You can also set it to do this when you're not checked into a project.

I'm checked in to a project and my computer crashed. Now what?

No problem. Next time you start Personal Timeclock, it will ask you if you want to keep working on that project, or check out. If you choose to check out, you can choose the checkout time. You can also enter a memo at this time if you want.

Can I keep track of work I do while I'm away from my computer?

Yes, Personal Timeclock lets you enter specific check in and check out times if you wish.

I don't like your colors. Can I change them?

Of course. You can choose the font, size, and colors you prefer. You can choose how you want times displayed (total time or just the time since the last check in; all projects or just the current project). You can choose whether or not Personal Timeclock should go to the taskbar when you check in to a project. You can change all of this (and more) on the Options screen.

There are 50 employees in my company. Can they all use it?

Sure. Each user will be creating their own individual log of their times. The logs can then be combined for reporting; the help file tells you how. You can have all of your users share a common list of projects and categories if you wish. You can also use the Security Editor to turn off Personal Timeclock features that would let your employees record their time inaccurately.

Description of Personal Timeclock Reporter

"In my previous job, I was always selected as one of the top 10 engineers ... because of my monthly "productivity reports" which were essentially an accounting of my time ... and PTC allowed me to do that very easily and accurately. Believe it or not, I actually had to "dumb down" my reports a little because upper management said I was spending too much time on them, when in reality I wasn't -- PTC was doing all the work for me!" Joey P.

What kinds of reports does it produce?

There are two types of reports: detail and summary. Detail reports show individual sessions, like this:

Summary reports summarize your usage by category, like this:

Of course, you can customize both reports in many different ways.

How complicated is it to create reports?

The standand reports (like those shown in the examples above) take two mouse clicks to create. Here's how:

The upper left box labelled Create New Report has two buttons, Detail and Summary. To create a report, just click one of these buttons. An Options screen then appears, but to get the standard reports, you just click the OK button on that screen and your report will appear.

I bill clients for my time. Can it compute these charges?

Yes. You can enter an hourly rate for each project and category, and include the rates and session amounts (rate times duration) on reports.

Can I create reports for specific dates?

Yes. The Report Dates box at the bottom of the Personal Timeclock Reporter window lets you choose from a variety of standard date ranges (e.g. this year, last year, this month, last month, this week, last week, etc.). If none of these ranges suits your needs, you can enter your own starting and ending dates.

What else can I customize?

It is easy to change the widths of the columns on the report: use the mouse to drag the edge of the column to where you want it.

The Format tab of the options screen lets you specify the report title, change the fonts and colors, and pick the columns you want on the report. You can also choose how durations are shown on the report.

The Sort/Subtotal screen to see it) lets you choose how to subtotal the report and change the order in which entries appear.

The Include screen lets you choose specific projects and/or categories for the report. You can choose just the entries whose hours are greater than, less than, equal, or not equal to any value. The same can be done with check in times and check out times.

Finally, the Matching tab of the options screen lets you choose entries whose memo is empty, not empty, or matches or contains any particular text.

The reports look pretty, but I have to get the data into my company's reporting system. How can I do this?

The Export Report feature creates a text file of any report, and the Export Data feature creates a text file containing the raw data used to generate any report. These files are tab-delimited text so that they can be imported easily into database programs such as Access, spreadsheet programs such as Excel, and other applications.

Why not try it out for yourself?

"Personal Timeclock is great but the attention to detail and clarity in your help section is a work of art--and the price is right! I have a bad memory and learning is always a struggle. This was no struggle." Frank H.

It's a lot easier to use Personal Timeclock than it is to describe it, and the trial version includes a quick tutorial.

Why not download the 60-day free trial of Personal Timeclock and try it out?

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